October 16, 2015

3rd Level Students


Career assessment will help to make a successful transition to the world of work. You will discover what you really want to do with your career, we will then support you to develop a personalised career strategy and the skills necessary to achieve it.

Through our extensive recruitment experience, at Positive Career Options, we have a strong knowledge of what organisations are looking for when recruiting key employees.

We are fully licensed by the British Psychological Society in the administration and interpretation of a number of validated career inventories, ability tests, motivation, interests and values measurement tools.

We have a proven track record supporting people starting their careers.

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Psychometric Tools We Use

General Occupational Interest Inventory Career Interest Inventory Holland Vocational Preference Inventory
Advanced Occupational Interest Inventory Harrington-O’Shea Career Decision Making Advanced Occupational Preference Inventory
Skillscope Questionnaire O*NET Career Values Inventory Deems Life/career Values Inventory
Career Pathfinder-Indepth General Abilities Profile Differential Aptitude Test Battery
Graduate and Managerial Assessment Tests SHL Critical Reasoning Tests SHL Advanced Managerial Reasoning Tests
SHL Personnel Test Battery OPQ32 Myers-Briggs Type Indicator