October 16, 2015

About Us

Thomas Garavan
Thomas is a leading international expert in the areas of leadership development, career development, career assessment and career guidance. He has over twenty years experience working with industry, education and the public sector. He has published research on careers and teaches career assessment to career guidance teachers at the University of limerick. He has extensive consultancy experience in areas such as leadership development, career development and planning, multisource feedback and assessment centres. He is qualified in the administration, scoring and assessment of psychometric instruments and he has experience in career assessment for adolescents, mature students and employees in career transition.
Michael Gaffney
Michael has almost 13 years experience in leadership development, career development and assessment. He is qualified in the administration, scoring and analysis of a variety of psychometric instruments in the areas of ability, personality, careers, and leadership development. He has particular expertise in a variety of career assessment instruments including the Advanced Occupational Preference Inventory, The Vocational Preference Inventory and the 16PF5 Questionnaire. He has worked with a variety of organisations and individuals including leading multinationals in the selection, assessment and placement of employees.

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